The Process

Now that the Red Cross has contacted you, you are ready to begin your work. First, read "When the Earth Shakes" by Patricia Lauber. After reading the story, answer the following question.

The author describes a chain of events that results in an earthquake. Several "links" in this chain are listed below. On your paper list each event and write an event or factor that causes the event. Use a specific example from the story.

A. Rock deep inside the earth behaves like both a liquid and a solid.

B. The earth's crust suddenly shifts or breaks.

C. People hear a rumbling sound during an earthquake.

Now that you have finished this work, share your causes with a neighbor and discuss the differences in your answers. After you have shared hand in this assignment to your teacher.

With your training over, you are ready to start your main task, researching your natural disaster and creating your brochure.

1. First you'll be assigned to a team of three or four students by the teacher.
2. Next your group will draw a natural disaster card from a hat to decide which one you will be in charge of.
3. Investigate your natural disaster. To investigate, click on the picture of your disaster below. There you will find detailed instructions for your assignment and links to help you find information.

Important: Each individual will make their own brochure. However, the information used by each group member can be the same.



Severe Heat



Winter Weather