???? The Big Question ????

What did Charles Darwin learn on Galapagos Island that lead him 20 years later to the Theory of Evolution?

By completing this WebQuest you should be able to:

Use the Internet to gather information that will allow you to answer the Big Question.

Prepare yourself for your individual tasks by familarizing yourself with the background information provided by the URL links.

Investigate with your team a particular topic that will be assigned to you.

Gather information with your team about this topic, organize your data, and write a report that your team will present orally to a seminar of the all the research teams. If you are researching an animal, include a summary discussion about why you think that animal is similar or different to the animals on the South American mainland.

Explore with the seminar group how your topic relates to the other team reports.

Discover and discuss why the Galapagos Islands were such a unique tool in helping Darwin develop his Theory of Evolution.


The Beagle at Sydney harbour, 1841.
Water colour by Owen Stanley.
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.