If you are a member of the frog team, welcome to your challenge! If you are not a member of the frog team please go back to the blue bar at the left and find your correct team.


While you are doing your investigation you will need:



Before you begin

Please be sure that you read all questions and instructions carefully!




To begin your investigation let's find out more about the frog.

Be sure to click on the icons.



1. What does a frog eat?

2. Where can you find a frog?

3. Please add any super facts about the frog that your classmates may find interesting.





Be sure to click on the icons.

1. How many stages are in the life cycle of a frog?

2. What are the names of each of the stages of a frog's life cycle?

3. How long does it take for the frog to go through its life cycle?

4. During the frog life cycle do you think that the frog starting looking like its parent? If so, in which stage do you think this began to happen?



You are now ready to make a sketch of the frog life cycle. It may be best to do this on notebook paper first, and then make a full color strip drawing later. Be sure to include:

* A title for your drawing

* Labeled sections for each stage of the cycle

* The names of each of your team members



Your team is now ready to put all of your findings together. Please be sure to take the answers to all of your questions above and put them together in sentences in order to share your information with others. You will be presenting this information to the rest of the class as a team, so you may wish to talk to your team members and decide who will be reading the information from section 1, section 2, and who will be explaining the life cycle strip drawing. Please practice your presentation before you get in front of the class.



Your teacher will be grading you on these things:

* How well you work with your other team members

* The answers to the questions you were asked

* The neatness and detail of your strip drawing


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