Team #5 South America

1. Your job is to locate the continent of South America on the world map. Locate, color, and label South America on your paper map.

2. Read about South America and look for information about major landforms in South America. Make notes on those landforms. Make notes on 2 other interesting facts.

3. Prepare and practice what you want to tell the class about South America. Be sure you show them where it is located and what landforms you found. Tell them the other interesting facts you learned.

4. Your assigned alphabet letters are: B, P, U, and V. Find a country for each of these letters. Locate the country on the world map and label it. Tell these 3 facts about your country:
*the continent it is on
*the climate or weather
*a fact of your choice
*draw a picture of the flag of your country

5. Prepare your page for the ABC book. Take the facts from your research and write a paragraph about your country. When this is finished give it to Mrs. Messer to type. When you get the typed copy back, add a picture of your countrie's flag in the space.

6. Prepare to tell the class about your country. Show them where it is located on the world map and tell them the facts you learned.

South America

South America physical map

South America political map

countries of South America

world map shows location of South America