The following links and resources are used during the 4-day WebQuest Academy class for teachers.

This class is taught by:

Stan Smith
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Warrensburg R-VI Schools
Warrensburg, Missouri

Introduction to Web Browsers and the Internet:

Downloading Common Web Browsers:
Internet Explorer:
Netscape Communicator:

Searching the Internet:

Conducting Web Searches:

Meta Search Engines: or

Bernie Dodge's "7 Steps to Better Searching":


What a WebQuest is NOT:

Interactive Web Adventures:
Coral Reef Fish Count:
Who's Out There:
Interactive Online Adventure Site:
Annenberg/CPB Project Exhibits Collection:

Web Treasure Hunts:
Black History Treasure Hunt:
The Nine Planets:
PEP Cool School Sites:
Internet Treasure Hunts for Students:
Developing a Treasure Hunt:

What a WebQuest IS:

Introduction to WebQuests:
Using WebQuests in your Classroom:

The Student WebQuest:

Stan Smith's Introduction to WebQuests Slide Show:
An HTML version of a 16-slide presentation about the parts of a WebQuest
(this presentation is modified from ideas from The WebQuest Page and Kathy Schrock's work)

Online Tutorials on WebQuests:
Disney Learning Partnership Workshop Month 8 - WebQuests
(This one is REALLY great!)

WebQuest 101 - Putting Discovery into the Curriculum

Bernie Dodge and Tom March WebQuest Pages:
Bernie Dodge's WebQuest Page:

Tom March's Ozline WebQuest Page

WebQuest Examples:
Dolphin Safe Tuna:

Does the Tiger Eat its Cubs?:

Searching for China:

A WebQuest About WebQuests:
Elementary Version:

Middle/High School Version:

WebQuest Taskonomy:
Describes 12 categories for describing what you ask learners
to do, which can lead to higher level thinking.

Download a WebQuest Template
This template will need to be unzipped with a decompressing utility such as Stuffit Expander or WinZip. This is a WebQuest template based upon ideas from some of the templates from The WebQuest Page. I have added links to different pages for each role that students take on, plus several other important modifications.

Locating Web Resources for your WebQuest
Three different strategies, with lots of helpful links

"Working with Images" Reference Guide
An introduction to digital image types, characteristics, etc.

Getting Images from the Web
A brief description of "copying" and "downloading" images from web sites

Great Web Sites for Free Digital Images
Sites for copyright-free digital images you can use on your own web pages

Editing Images with Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2.0
A detailed tutorial for preparing images for web pages

Web Page Authoring with Adobe PageMill 3.0
A detailed tutorial for making basic web pages

Locating Experts to Collaborate with Your WebQuest Students
Four methods for locating experts, with links to Ask an Expert web sites

Checklist for WebQuest Process Section
A list for self- or peer-review of the Process portion of your WebQuest

Fine Points
Describes 14 little things you can do to improve the aesthetics
and professionalism of your WebQuest

Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests
Is your WebQuest as good as it could be?