Missouri Scavenger Hunt

Use the sites below to answer the following questions. The questions are not in any particular order, and each web link may be used to answer more than one question. (The wise adult will tell you when this scavenger hunt should be completed and turned in for a grade.)

Governor's Kids Page

Symbols of Missouri

Interesting Facts About The Missouri State Senate

Interesting Facts About The Missouri House of Representatives

Hall of Famous Missourians

1. What is the name of the governor's dog?

2. Who created all the sculptures for the Missouri Hall of Famous Missourians?

3. How many states border Missouri?

4. What famous Missourian won an Academy Award for the theme music to the movie The Sting in 1974?

5. What is Missouri's official state animal?

6. How much did it cost to build the current state capitol?

7. What is the current salary of a state representative?

8. According to the 1990 census count, what was Missouri's total population?

9. What famous Missourian is in the Clown Hall of Fame?

10. What is celebrated on the third Wednesday in October each year in Missouri?

11. What do the two grizzlies on either side of the shield symbolize on Missouri's state flag?

12. What did Josephine Baker do at the Liberty Memorial in 1963?

13. Each senator represents a district of approximately how many people?

14. What famous Missourian is buried in Independence, Missouri?

15. What famous expression may have begun in 1899 when Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver stated, "I'm from Missouri and you've got to. . . ."

16. What famous Missourian's creed was "Good taste is good business."?

17. What is Thomas Hart Benton best known for?

18. What is the first line of "The Missouri Waltz"?

19. What is Missouri's state insect?

20. What famous Missourian developed more than 300 by-products from the peanut and sweet potato?

21. How many members are in the Missouri House of Representatives?

22. How old must you be to be a member of the Missouri House of Reps?

23. What famous Missourian established the first public kindergarten in the US?

24. How long was the shortest bill introduced in the Missouri Senate?

25. How long was the longest bill?

26. What is located on the third floor of the governor's mansion?

27. What famous Missourian served as U.S. President for one day?

28. What is the average age of the current members of the Missouri Senate?

29. How big are the bronze front doors on the capitol?

30. In what month were the most senators born?