The Job Process Begins

You are excited about the prospect of getting your first job. You decide to look on the Internet for a job and find the following:


"The Missouri State Capitol is now accepting applications for the position of Community Relations. The applicant must be a self-starter and be capable of exercising independent judgment in coordinating activities. Good communication skills required. Personal computer and word processing experience required. Must be able to work harmoniously with staff and public. Your main responsibility will be serving as a tour guide at the Missouri State Capitol."

You decide to apply for this position and are excited to learn you have been invited for an interview.


Yikes!!! An interview????
What kinds of questions will they ask????????
What will you answer?????????


An extremely wise adult in your life advises you to look on the Internet for facts and tidbits about Missouri and its capitol. She even gives you a set of questions to guide your search.


Click on the Missouri flag to begin


Wow! You didn't know there was so much neat stuff going on in Missouri. The wise adult in your life encouraged you to study this information, and you think you are now ready for the interview. Test yourself by answering questions in a pretend interview.

Click on the picture to begin your practice interview. Good luck!


That was good practice for your interview. How did you do? The wise adult in your life has reminded you that the job listing says you should have good computer skills, too. You ask, "Why does a tour guide need computer skills?" The wise adult tells you that you will probably handout a brochure to explain your tour. She encourages you to create a brochure about Jefferson City and the Capitol Building that you will be able to show off at your interview.


Click on the brochure to begin.


Do you feel confident and prepared for your real interview yet? A visit to Jefferson City and a tour of the Capitol would be a good idea at this point. You will be able to see what is expected of a tour guide. The wise adult already has this scheduled for March 16. Enjoy yourself!


Your interview is scheduled for March 17 (red) or March 20 (white). You will need to be prepared for your interview in order to get the job. Study your scavenger hunt questions, have your brochure ready, and remember what you learned on your visit to the Capitol.



Good luck!
May the most qualified person get the job.