What now??
How do I know if I get the job?


The wise adult in your life has devised the following scoring guide to help you assess yourself. She will use it to "grade" you as you follow the process of getting this job.

Your brochure will be graded using the following criteria. Be sure your brochure has all of the necessary parts!

3-brochure is completed on time
2-one day late
1-two or more days late

3-brochure was made using the three column "landscape" orientation format and has three or more topics
2-error in brochure format but includes three or more topics
1-less than three topics in brochure regardless of format

3-brochure includes three or more images copied from an internet website and pasted into the brochure document
2-two images used
1-one image used or no images used

9-factual information on topics, written in own words, free of spelling and grammatical errors (3 points for each topic)
6-less than three errors in facts, spelling or grammar (2 points for each topic)
3-four or more errors in facts, spelling or grammar (1 point for each topic)

The entire WebQuest process is worth 100 points.
You earn points as follows:

30 points---scavenger hunt completed correctly
20 points---quiz over scavenger hunt information
36 points---tour guide brochure (18 points X 2)
14 points---quiz after field trip

The grading scale for the WebQuest is as follows:

A 100-90 points~Congratulations! You get the job!
B 89-80 points~Congratulations! You were hired as a junior assistant. With a little more training you will make a great tour guide.
C 79-70 points~We'll keep your application on file.
D 69-60 points~This is probably not the job for you, but the Capitol probably has another job you might be interested in.
F 59-0 points~Better luck next time.


Good luck on your WebQuest project!
May the best person get the job!!
(That means you!)