This WebQuest was created as part of the WebQuest Academy Program of the Warrensburg R-VI Schools in Warrensburg, Missouri. This program is funded by a Competitive Technology Grant from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Many special thanks to the following people:

Stan Smith, thanks for all of your instructional how-to knowledge even when I wasn't paying attention! And thanks for the M&Ms, too.

Jane, Monique, Trish, and Barb--my WebQuest classmates--thanks for the great conversations, the yummy lunches, and for showing me how to do things when I wasn't listening to Stan!

Thank you to Deleta Williams and Harold Caskey's offices for helping arrange the Discovery Team's field trips to Jefferson City.

And last but not least, thank you to my student teacher and substitute teachers who made it possible for me to attend Stan's workshop and not worry about what was happening "back at the ranch."

Misc. Information

For more information about WebQuests, please visit The WebQuest Page by Bernie Dodge.

Many images used in ths WebQuest are from the Wizard of Draws.