The Parent

Role: You are concerned about the information your child receives in school and think that some material may be inappropriate.

You will research previous book challenges and find out a process for initiating your own book challenge.


Challenged Books:

"The Most Frequently Banned Books in the 1990s"


Recent statistics and newsletter info (Grace Web)

Incidents of when/why Bible was banned

Harry Potter literary "flap"

Some censorship cases-- grounds for

School board faces book debate


The Process:

Site explains difference between banning and challenging, lists of banned/challenged books, etc.

Rethinking Schools - Reading, Writing & Censorship
Journal for educators provides this article about a book-burning in Kansas City. Outlines the meaning of censorship and discusses "Huck Finn."
Definition of censorship, how to challenge, article postings, and who censors

Safe site for kids


Now that you have some information... Are you willing to allow book challenges at your school??

Plan your presentation!

Go to the Evaluation Page
to see how convincing you were!