The Process

 Here's your Job: Use your information to determine the pros and cons about challenging books and present your case for or against book banning.

You will:

  • explain censorship, banning, challenging, and rights,
  • choose roles and sides of a controversial issue,
  • research court cases
  • decide whether to ban or not to ban,
  • visually represent your findings/case, and
  • write a social action letter stating your opinions about banning.

First, you need to find out "What is censorship?" and review a list of banned books and reasons.

Next, you will be assigned a specific role of either student, teacher, author, or parent, to look at the controversial issue of book banning from different perspectives.

Now, to determine if there are sufficient reasons to ban your book, you will research your assigned roles' topics. Don't forget to take GOOD notes and give credit to all references!

ROLE #1: Student
ROLE #2: Teacher
ROLE #3: Author
ROLE #4: Parent

Go to the Student or Teacher or Author or Parent Page
to find out your group's topics

Once you have completed your research and gathered information, you need to determine, as a group, which side of the issue you will take: "Should book challenges be allowed at your school?"

When you have determined your position, you will work together within your group to present your side of the argument to the "School Board" audience (the rest of the class). Remember to be convincing and use strong evidence to support your case.

Finally, on your own, you need to draft a social action letter to an appropriate authority stating your position on book banning with a request to allow (or not allow) book challenges at your school.