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This lesson was developed as part of the Warrensburg, Missouri School District's WebQuest Academy project, a State funded Competitive Technology Grant. My 8th grade team of teachers has done an interdisciplinary unit on March Madness for several years. This WebQuest was designed to be used during our unit.

My WebQuest has the students investigate the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tournament held each March. The students are assigned a team that has been chosen to participate in the tournament. They investigate the travel costs for sending a team to the tournament, basketball statistics, using AppleWorks to create a page that could be used in a tournament program, and making predictions as to which team their team might be playing.

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This lesson was to designed to be used as an interdisciplinary unit for 8th grade students. It could be used with any middle school age group. The students will need to be familiar with using a word processing program in which they have added images from the web.

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Curriculum Standards

The student will be using math and communication arts skills in this lesson. The Missouri Show-Me Standards that would be addressed are:

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The students will be working in groups of 4. Each group will be assigned a team that has been chosen to participate in the NCAA Division 1 Basketball tournament. In the group of 4, each student will chose a role. Each person will take on the role of an official from the school in which they are assigned. The roles are athletic director, statistician, public relations director, and assistant coach. Each individual will be given a task to complete. The group will create a final project which will be a poster containing the product produces by each individual of the team.

I introduced the WebQuest in the classroom before the students actually went to the computer lab.

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Resources Needed

In order to use this WebQuest you will need at least a group of 6 computers. It would be better to have a lab in which each student was able to have access to their own computer. Each computer will need to have access to a printer. Color printers would be nice for the Public Relations Director's task of creating a program page.

I had the students use Appleworks 5.0 to create their program page. This allows them to find pictures from the Web and paste them into their page.

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The final posters that the students create will indicate if the students successfully completed the WebQuest. A copy of my evaluation form that was used for each task is included in the EVALUATION portion of the WebQuest.

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I feel that this WebQuest will add to a very successful unit that our team already has in place. The students seem to really get involved with the activities that we do, even those students that are not interested in sports and know very little about college basketball.

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