The head coach has asked you to predict the schools that you might be playing. You are going to find the bracket for the tournament and predict the results of each game. To print a copy of the tournament bracket, click on the basketball.

After you have printed your bracket, you need to predict the winner of each game. At the end of the tournament you will rate your skills at predicting. For each 1st round game you predicted correctly, your team will receive 1 point. For each 2nd round game, you receive 2 points. For correct predictions at the next round you receive 3 points, etc. Predicting the champion of the tournament would be worth 7 points. You will need to calculate your final score for your team.

You will need to turn in your bracket before the tournament actually begins. I will return them after the championship has been decided and you will then figure your score.


When you have figured your score, you will attach your bracket to your group's poster.