Role 2: Statistician

Your role as the statistician will be to compare the statistics for your basketball team with the statistics of the Final Four Teams from the 1999 NCAA Tournament.

Does your team have what it takes to make it to the Final Four??

To find the year end statistics for your team click on the basketball player.


You will need to find the following statistics for your team:

  1. 1. Average points scored per game
  2. 2. Average points scored by opponents per game
  3. 3. Field goal percentage
  4. 4. Free throw percentage
  5. 5. Three point goal percentage
  6. 6. Average turnovers per game
  7. 7. Average steals per game
  8. 8. Average blocked shot per game

The final four teams for the 1999 NCAA Tournament:

To find the statistics for the final four teams from 1999, click on the basketball.


You will need to find the same statistics as listed above for each of these teams.

When you have found the needed information, fill in the table found by clicking on the arrow.

When you complete the table, you need to print a copy which will be your part of the final project. From these statistics, does you team have what it takes to reach the Final Four????