Role 1:Athletic Director


Your role will be to make the travel arrangements for your team. You will need to make airline and hotel reservations.

First you will need to determine the cities in which your team will be playing. To do this first you need to find if your team is in the West, East, Midwest, or South Regional.

1.) Click on the basketball below to get this information.

2.) Click on the map below to find the location of the sites for the 1st & 2nd round games, the regional site, and the final four site.

Next you will need to find the cost of airline tickets for your team to a.) the 1st and 2nd round game site b.) to the regional site c.) to the final four site. Each of these will need to be from your school city. Click on the airplane to find this information.

When you find your airline costs, click on these tickets to record your findings. You will need to purchase 36 tickets for the players, coaches, cheerleaders, etc.

Your next job is to find the cost of the hotels for each city in which your team will be traveling. Click on the hotel to find the cost per night per room.

When you find the hotel costs, click on hotel key to record your findings. Each person will be sharing a room with with one other person. You will need the rooms for 4 nights for the 1st and 2nds round games, 4 nights for the regional games, and 3 nights at the Final Four site.

When you have completed the table of costs for room and board for your team, you need to print a final copy. This will be attached to your group poster.