As a statistician you have been ask to find the greatest baseball hitter of all time. This selection must be based upon factual statistical information.

You will search the web for statistical data on ten great hitters. Based upon your statistical information you will come to a conclusion upon who is the best baseball hitter of all time. The class will be divided into five groups. Each group will investigate a selected group of hitters during the best ten years of their careers. First, group One will find the average home runs of the hitters. Group Two will find the average runs batted for these players. Group Three will find the batting average. Group Four will find the average number of runs. Group Five will be asked to find the statistical variance within the hitting averages. Finally, group Six will find the standard deviation for the home runs.

All groups will display their findings in a graphical representation and give a oral presentation to the class on their findings.

Using statistical evidence from all six groups, the class will decide who is the best baseball hitter of all time.