The Process

Before making any change to any law, law makers need to consider it will affect everyone involved. In the state of Missouri, there are many groups of people effected by the compulsory attendance law. You will be responsible for making sure the perspective you have been given is not overlooked by the change proposed.

Getting Started

Below are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Look at the list of roles and decide on three roles that would interest you. Write your first, second, and third choices with a description of why you think you would be good in that role.
  2. You will be assigned a role to play on the action team.
  3. When given the opportunity to get on the computer, open your folder and follow the the instructions inside it.
  4. As a team, choose a Chair person and a Secretary.
  5. Have a team meeting and come to a consensus.



Law enforcement representative


Home Schooler

Business Leader

Law Maker