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WebQuests created by Warrensburg Teachers

These WebQuests were created specifically for the students and curricula of the teachers who created them, but we hope that other teachers will find them useful as well. All of the WebQuests can easily be modified to suit the needs of a variety of ages and instructional settings.

Please email us and let us know if you find anything useful here, or if you have suggestions or questions!

Stan Smith

NOTE: This program is in progress... there will be many more WebQuests to come!

 WebQuests for Teachers
Teacher Quest An extensive interactive WebQuest, in which teachers learn to use and create WebQuests.
 WebQuests for grades K-3
Penguins are Cool! Help Tacky the penguin discover more information about penguins and whay they are so special!
 Spiders WebQuest  Find out more about spiders. Are they really dangerous?
Welcome to Miss Spider's Tea Party For Kindergarten. Kids discover information about spiders and other animals while creating a book.
Pigs: A WebQuest for Kindergarten Students Designed to help children learn interesting facts about pigs on the farm.
Koala Quest Are they really bears? Kids learn about koalas and make a book about them.
Frog Finds His Family Students learn about animal types as they help Frog find his real family.
Changing Seasons WebQuest Students can discover how seasons of the year affect plants and animals.
Homeward Bound Students research 6 environments to determine which one offers the best living conditions.
Monarch Butterflies Students earn the title of Entomologist as they study monarch butterflies.
Are Chickens the Only Ones? Students learn about oviparous animals (egg layers) from different continents.
"Show-Me" Missouri WebQuest Students learn about the Show-Me State by developing a tourism ad campaign.
Weather: A WebQuest for Kindergarten Science Students help an alien from the planet Snoopville learn about the weather of our planet.
Plants... Paper... Possibilities Students learn to make paper while studying conservation and recycling at the same time!
Around the World: A WebQuest for Social Studies Students learn about the seven continents as they produce an ABC book about countries.
Migration: Journeys of Life Students play the role of migrating animals while they learn all about animals and geography.
Decomposers or Destroyers? Students discover for themselves if six common animals are FRIENDS or FOES!
What's it Like where they Live? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a kid in another part of the world??
Animal Life Cycles Students investigate the life cycles of several common insects and of frogs. Ribbit!!

 WebQuests for grades 4-5
The Spineless WebQuest A WebQuest about invertebrate animals. Students can propose the best official state invertebrates.
Endangered Species Students research endangered animals, then give a multimedia presentation to raise donations.

  WebQuests for grades 6-8
Where in the World are we From?
(A WebQuest about Biomes)
Students explore the world's biomes with online field guides and produce a display of findings.
To Ban or Not to Ban? The Ultimate Book Challenge Students explore the issues of book banning and censorship in schools.
Pearl Harbor: A WebQuest about WWII How would history have been changed if Pearl Harbor had not been bombed?
Tour the Capitol An interdisciplinary WebQuest about Jefferson City, Missouri for 8th grade.
March Madness: Exploring the NCAA Basketball Tournament Students learn math skills as they make plans to attend the NCAA basketball tournament.
Fact vs. Fiction: A Science Fiction WebQuest Take a journey through time to discover the ultimate truth about time travel!
Natural Disaster WebQuest Students study the cause and effects of natural disasters and produce a public service brochure.
Life in Shakespeare's Time Students investigate 4 different aspects of 16th century life and compare this to their own.
Make a Difference! Can Kids Really Save the Planet? Students explore the issue of solid waste management and Make a Difference!
Back to the Future: Traveling to the Past WebQuest Students explore the 50's, 60's and 70's, and the unique events of these decades.
Life During the Civil War What would your life be like if you lived during the civil war?

   WebQuests for grades 9-12
To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize? A WebQuest for high school chemistry. Students help make decisions for the city of Chemville.
Media Messages WebQuest Evaluating the media's role and responsibility for beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of teens.
What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? A WebQuest to help students look at and prepare for career choices.
Why Do I Have to Go to School? What decisions should be made about compulsory attendance?
Teen Smoking and Drinking Decide if the legal age should be lowered for the purchase and use of both tobacco and alcohol.
Music Career Choices  High school students can explore the different careers available for those interested in music.
The Quest for Life Beyond High School High school students can investigate the financial consequences of their education decisions.
Fractal Chaos WebQuest Students develop fractals with software, graphing calculators, and on their own.
Travels With Darwin Students go on a field trip with Charles Darwin to learn about natural selection.
So You Want to Own a Business? Students explore what it is like to set up and run their own business.
Take Me Out to the Ballgame: A WebQuest for High School Statistics Class Students use statistics to discover who is the best hitter of all time.


This program is designed and coordinated by:

Stan Smith
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Warrensburg R-VI Schools
Warrensburg, Missouri

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