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SeaMonkey Composer Tutorials
QT The following are MP4 movies that describe specific procedures. In order to play these movies, you must have the free QuickTIme Player installed on your Computer. It can be downloaded at:

1. Download and Install SeaMonkey (1 minute 30 seconds)
2. Open SeaMonkey, Open Composer, Create and Save a Web Page (3:39)
3. Overview of the Composer Interface (3:32)
4. Adding Text to Your Page (3:11)
5. Downloading Images from the Web to Your Folder (3:49)
6. Adding Images to Your Web Page (1:45)
7. Resizing Images and Setting Image Properties (3:16)
8. Creating Text Images with Flaming Text Web 2.0 Site (3:02)
9. Setting the Page Background Color (2:23)
10. Setting a Page Background Image (3:28)
11. Converting File Format and Setting Transparency at Myimager.com (3:32)
12. Creating Internal (local) Links (3:32)
13. Creating External (remote) Links (2:02)
14. Making a Link Open a New Browser Window (2:26)
15. Make a Link to an Anchor on the Same Page (3:27)
16. Create a Table (3:18)
17. Changing the Table Properties (3:41)
18. Problems with File Names (3:47)

19. Problems with Changing File Names or Locations (4:01)

Also, check out these Word Document tutorials for SeaMonkey:
SeaMonkey for Windows
SeaMonkey for Mac
Advanced SeaMonkey


    Created by Stan Smith
Warrensburg R6 Schools