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Planning Your Own iAdventure
QT The following are QuickTime movies that describe specific procedures. In order to play these movies, you must have free QuickTIme Player installed on your Computer. It can be downloaded at:

The following links will open the QuickTime movie in a new browser window. To return to this page, close the new window.

1. Overview of a Completed iAdventure

2. Picking an iAdventure Topic

3. Research Before Making a Choice

4. Three Levels of Research, Three Chances to Learn

5. Good Student Research Requires Structure

6. The First Two Dilemmas Have Two Choices Each

7. The Third Dilemma is Open-ended, Creating a Product

8. What Makes a Good Final Product?

9. Overview of Making a Good Outline

    Created by Stan Smith
Warrensburg R6 Schools