Swisher Mower's Simple Machines

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Welcome to our page about Swisher mower's simple machines! This page is about simple machines used to produce and complete a Swisher mower. We hope you enjoy this presentation about our research from Swisher.

On Wednesday, April 21, 1999, Mrs.Wolff's sixth grade R-1 science class took a trip to the Swisher factory. We took a tour of the facility, and it was very interesting. While we were there, we saw their production line, talked to different people, and we were amazed by how many things you have to do to complete a Swisher lawnmower. It was a very impressive trip.


We asked Swisher a few questions and these were their replies:

1. What simple machines does a lawn mower have?

Swisher: Our lawn mowers use all of the simple machines. Some of them are not as visible as others. The lever is used in the engagement mechanism and blades. The wheel and axle is used in quite a few places. The wheels are of course the obvious ones,but the blade spindles and idler pulleys are also included. The inclined plane is in every nut and bolt used in a lawn mower. The blade also includes the inclined plane. The belt drive system includes a pulley. The pulleys are used to transfer power from the engine to the blades, and to adjust the speed from the engine to the blades.


2. Did the first lawn mower involve as many simple machines as the modern day mower?

Swisher: No, the first mowers did not involve any safety features, so they were very simple. Today's safety features have added many simple machines and lockouts to prevent improper or unsafe use.

3. How does a lawn mower work?

Swisher: A lawn mower uses spinning blades to cut the grass. Many simple machines are used to transfer the horsepower and speed from the engine to the blades. The spinning blades have sharp edges (inclined planes) that cut the grass. The sharp edge hits the blade of grass so fast ( 215 mph.) that the blade of grass seems to be stiff, and it breaks off.

We had a great time interviewing and we hope you will visit us again!!!!



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