Swisher Jobs

 Approximately 150 people work at Swisher. The production jobs that are available at Swisher are: assembly, welding, fabrication, and finishing. Some administrative jobs include: accounting, engineering, purchasing, and executive. Most of the administrative jobs require some formal education or special training. Some production jobs are usually entry level, but experience in the field does help. Production jobs are paid hourly. The average salary range is $8-$9 per hour.


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Contact Swisher at one of the following: 


P.O. Box 67,Warrensburg,MO 64093

phone: (660) 747-8183

fax: (660) 747-8650

Toll Free: 1-800-222-8183

Web site: www.swisherinc.com

E-mail address: swisher @sprintmail.com