Important People

Of The Great



By: Laura Hollandsworth


The Federal Reserve

They attempted to raise interest rates in 1928 and in 1929 and the people stopped buying stocks and that is what brought on the initial recession.


Andrew Mellon

He was the secretary of state during the depression and expected the recession to be self limiting, because earlier recessions had been self limiting.


President Herbert Hoover

He was President of the United States during the slide into the Great Depression. [1929 - 1933]


Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz

They think that the Great Depression was a consequence of an incredible and

unlikely sequence of blunters in monetary policy.


George Orwell

He tells about the road to Wiggans Pier during the depression very emotionally.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt

The president of the United States who was in term when the recovery of the Great Depression began.

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