The Effects of Communism on People and the Earth

Krystal Grigson

Communism's goal is a society without rulers. A society where the people govern themselves. But until this is accomplished a superior government has absolute power. The people do not have any private possessions. Everything belongs to the government.

One of communism's worst effects was in 1933. Adolff Hitler was a communist dictator. Under his instructions, the holocaust began. Over six million Jewish people died. Not counting the people fighting in the war.The holcaust lasted until 1945.

Communists consider their goal, their party, and the state more important than individual rights and liberties. In communist countries, there are usually huge gaps between official claims of freedom and conditions in which they actually exist. For example, under communism the Soviet Union had a constitution. It assured citizens freedom of speech, press, and assembly.The constitution guaranteed the right to a job and freedom of religion too. It promised equal rights for all.

But in the late 1980's the Soviet government ignored or violated many of these rights. If anyone criticized the system in public, they were punished. No media was allowed to be published if it opposed the government or it's leaders. Still, it was hard to control and inspect everything that was printed. Some articles that condoned the government did get to the public. Writers were trying to warn the citizens about the government.

Between 1945 and 1975 the number of countries under the rule of communism increased greatly, partly because of the way the victorious powers of in World War 2 divided the world among them, and partly because of the Third world. Then in 1989 the number once again deduced because of the rapid political changes taking place in the world. Some thought it might be the end of communism. But the government did not give up.

Right now there are very few communist countries. There are still people trying to abolish it . The communist party has changed it's name to the Peoples Labor Party. ( The name " Communist party" scares people away.) They are trying to get more countries involved in the system. Maybe one day they will achieve their goal.



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