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How it all got started:

It all begins with a single man, Vadimir Ilich Lenin. Known as "V.I." Lenin. V. I. split off a militant fraction from the rest of the entire Russian Marxist movement. A man from the R.S.D.L.P. party, a menshevik named George Plekhanor disagreed with V.I.'s beliefs toward communism. Plekhanor criticized V.I. harshly for his ideas. Lenin and Plekhanor went back and fourth.

Lenin made a plan to organize and create the power of communism. Later, after many struggles, such as Plekhanor and other problems, he began the path to his goal. Soon after V.I. Lenin was going world wide with his plan of this new government called communism. Soon, Lenin began in Hungary and Germany. Then, came Mongolia.

The people believed Valdimir Ilich Lenin promised "peace,land, and bread." Lenin really wanted world communism. On June14 1919 communist party's were taken away from Hungary and arrested. Communism struck back up in Hungary in 1945.

The German party never got as far as the party in Hungary. Anyway, the group of people in Bavaria who wanted communism got pretty close to their goal of having their new government in office. Eventually, the Leninist revolution failed in Hungary, Austria, and Germany. It also failed in the Russian Empire itself. Mongolia; however, did succeed.

Hungary since world war ll has been a fight between teaching the new government, communism ,or teaching Christianity.

Russia communism was a catastrophe. An endless war of violence and fighting over beliefs and ideas.

Communism ended in most of eastern Europe in 1989. Gossip Broz Tito, a native born leader who ruled from the end of world war ll until his death in 1980. He was not successful in this project of this new government either.

In Hungary, Milosevic used communism to come to power, and serbic today resembles a one-party state in the classic communism sense. The presidents social part and two smaller leftist parties one run by Milosevics wife. This meant control over the media, police departments, and most large businesses and organ of state.

Communism is based on the fact that the government has no limits. They have all of the power and can do whatever they feel is best for the country. Some countries voted on it and others didn't. Today in 1998 the United States is a democracy country.

That means that the people get the choice.

Hitler himself was a dictator. Communism began before the Holocaust began.

Communism is an issue discussed today even though we are not under the communism's power.


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