Important Dates in the 1920's


By:Shannon Sullivan


The 1920's were a time of fun and games.They had many enjoyable times as well as disasters. Today we still have many of those things and have most of the same feelings about them.

1920-Klu Klux Klan founded

Started showing movies in theaters

First broadcasting stations


1921-The word ROBOT came into the English language

Western Union starts wire photo service


1922-King Tut's tomb found

First commercial broadcast $100 for 10 minute

First 3D movie when watched you had to wear green and red glasses

First two color movie


1923-Dance marathons became popular

Ships were able to communicate with each other


1924-Leopold and Leob kidnap and kill thirteen year old boy


1925-Flapper dresses became popular

Birth of Malcolm X

Crossword puzzles became popular


1926-First Winnie the Pooh book writen


1927-Babe Ruth hits sixty home runs in one season

The first auto insurance


1928-Mickey Mouse stars in "Steamboat Willie"

Hoover becomes president


1929-First Academy Awards

Bell Labs make color T.V.



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