Important people of the 60's

2\2\98 Brandon Morrow


1.John F. Kennedy wins presidency, 1960.


2.Kennedy's innaugural speech says , "Ask not what your country can do for you , but what you can do for your country."


3.Fidel Castro - Bay of Pigs , Battle with Cuba.


4.Astronaut Allen Shepard first man in space , July 21 , 1961.


5.John Glenn, Jr. becomes first American to make an orbital flight , Feb. 20 1962.


6.Marilyn Monroe dies by commiting suicide.


7.James Meredith becomes first black man at the University of Mississippi. Graduated Aug. 18, 1963.


8.Soviet Premier Nikita Krushshev agreed to remove missiles from Cuba, Oct. 28, 1962.


9.Alabama Governor George Wallace , refused to open the doors to allow blacks into schools, June 11, 1963.


10.Martin Luther King Jr. gives famous speech, "I have a dream ..." He spoke to 200,000 at a Civil Rights Rally on Aug. 28, 1963 in Washington D. C.


11.President Kennedy assassinated Nov. 22, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald.


12.Beatles invade America Feb. 10 ,1964.


13.Surgeon General Luther Terry: Cigarettes cause cancer , Jan. 11, 1964.


14.Lyndon B. Johnson won Presidency against Barry Goldwater, Nov. 3 , 1964


15.Black leader Malcolm X assassinated Feb. 21, 1965


16.Astronaut Edward White takes first walk in space June 3, 1965


17.Walt Disney dies, Dec. 15, 1966.


18.Three Astronauts burned to death Jan. 27, 1967.They were Virgil Grissom, Edward White, and Roger Chaffee.


19.Muhammad Ali stripped of his title for resisting the military draft,April 30,1967

20.President Johnson does not intend to run for re-election, March 31 ,1968.


21.Martin Luther King, Jr. murdered by James Earl Ray, April 4, 1968


22.Robert Kennedy assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan on June 24, 1969.


23.Richard Nixon won Presidency on Nov. 5, 1968.


24.Astronaut Neil Armstrong walks on the moon, July 24, 1969.


25.Charles Manson, leader of a cult, kills five people, one of them was an actress who was 81/2 months pregnant, Aug. 10, 1969.








All information obtained from Chronicle of America, Published by J. L. International, Liberty MO.