Einstein's life

Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein was born on march,14th 1879. sometime in 1884 he


received his first compass. He had to investigate the natural world. That


was his quest. His family and him lived in Munich. Then they moved to


Pavia, Italy. But Albert did not go with his family. Albert stayed in Munich


so he could finish high school, he was 15 years old. He did not last very


long by his self, so he follows his family to Pavia, Italy. And that was in


1889. In 1895 he attempts to skip high school.Then in 1895 (still) his


family sins him to Swiss town,in Arrive to finish high school. He


graduates high school in 1896, and he was 17 years old at this time.


1898 he enrolls in the ETH (The Federal Polytechnic) in Zurich. Later on


he falls in love with a classmate that also goes to ETH, and her name

was Mileva Maric. That happened also in 1898. Then in 1900 he graduated from ETH in 1902. January she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl named Lieserl, but the put her up for adoption, Mileva became ill and then all the records of her disappeared with out a trace.

In 1903 they got married in January. then she gives birth to their first son Hans Albert in 1910. They had another son named Edward.

Tara Hudson