Jacob Reighter


Not very much is known about the Greek scientist Euclid. Euclid's most famous works was the "Elements". The Elements are a collection of 13 books on mathematics. These books were the center of mathematics for 2,000 years. Chapters 1-6 are on plain geometry, 7-9 are on the number theory, 10 is on Euxdaxus's theory of irrational, and 11-13 are on solid geometry. There have been 1,000 copies published since 1482.

Euclid was born in Alexandria, Egypt at 365 B.C.. He was probably a mentor to the famous Archimedes. Maybe even Alexander the Great was taught a little by Euclid sometime in his life. He was a noted mathematician in his time especially. Of course, the name of his books were named after himself. Euclid passed away in 300 B.C. for reasons unknown. The few things we know is that he was a much needed mathematician in his time.