The Fight For Torna

by Steven

Torna was a beautiful princess that every god loved and adored, but none of the gods loved her more than the evil, dark Hades.

At the time however, Torna was dating the powerful Zeus. When Hades found this out, he was furious. He loved Torna so much, and he also knew that Zeus was a cheater when it came to relationships. Hades was so mad that he threatened to tell Zeus' wife, the queen of all gods, Hera. Zeus, not wanting a fight with his wife, reluctantly gave Torna to Hades to have as his queen.

Torna was a clever girl though, she found a way to get out of the underworld and made her way to Mount Olympus. On her way there, Hades had found out that she had escaped. So while she was on her journey, Hades killed her by making himself a snake and biting her. This snake bite killed her and Zeus got very upset.

Zeus was so mad about Torna's death, he was very mad at Hades. He declared a fight that would make a huge whirlwind and destroy everything in its path. Every time this fight happens, Zeus wins and the earth is saved, but the memory of Torna would last forever.

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