In the legend of Hermes he is the messenger of the gods. But he used to be an Olympic runner on Earth. He was so fast that everyone expected him to win every race. In one of the major events in the Olympics he turned an ankle and he lost. Everyone hated him for losing and he was banned from the city. Zeus saw how unhappy Hermes was, so he took a trip to Earth. He saw Hermes in his hut about 30 miles from where he used to live sobbing on the ground. Zeus of course was disguised as a peasant and asked to come in and have something to eat. Since Hermes was so kind and generous Zeus revealed himself.

He offered Hermes the chance of a life time. He asked him to be the messenger of the gods. He said that he would have to wait 30 days before he could go so Zeus could make him immortal. Hermes of course told everyone in the town, but they just mocked him and called him a loser. But on the 30th day of being mocked he was lifted into the air and carried to Mt. Olympus. He then got a pair of winged shoes and a helmet so that he could fly through the air gracefully serving the gods of Mt. Olympus the best that he could. And he proved to everyone that he was not a loser.

By Dane



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