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Seventh grade students at Warrensburg Middle School study Greek Mythology in their language arts classes. To show an understanding of a myth, students are given the opportunity to create and write their own myth. They also have to draw a picture to go along with the myth they wrote. As a form of publishing, students created a web page to feature their myth. Please remember that everything you see and read on the web pages have been created and written by the students themselves. We hope you enjoy the stories.

Mrs. Lancaster

I would like to extend a special thanks to Stephanie Adams who was doing her student teaching during the time of the myth writing and the web page making. She did not hesitate to jump in and help with this project. I also would like to thank Stan Smith, who without his help and expertise, these web page projects would never have been possible.

Click on any one of the following links to view the students' work. The students are arranged according to classes.

White 1 Class

Charneshia and Ashley's Myths

Shawn, Dane, and Jennifer's Myths

Gwen, Brittany, and Kim's Myths

Jeannie, Kerrie, and Nicole's Myths

Adrianne, William, and Lara's Myths

C. J., Jamie, and Josh's Myths

Bret, Kyle, and George's Myths


White 3 Class

Caress, Steven, and Alysha's Myths

Jackie and Kyle's Myths

Brent, Jennifer, and Erik's Myths

Matt, Quanaesha, and Brad's Myths

Jeff, Taylor, and Marc's Myths

Amanda and Mary's Myths

Valerie, Tifany, and Alison's Myths

White 4 Class

Corinna, Ross, and Ashley's Myths

Bobby, Bret, and Alan's Myths

Chris, Nick, and Jeff's Myths

Joe and Drew's Myths

Jennifer and Sarah's Myths

Ashley, Kim, and Miranda's Myths

Julia, Jamie, and Morgan's Myths

Red 1 Class

Jon, Corrie, and Nick's Myths

Laura, Tina, and Travis's Myths

Vicki and Jennifer's Myths

Andrew, Laura, and Ian's Myths

Chelsea, Kurt, and Justin's Myths

Courtney, T.J., and Steven's Myths

Jeremy, John, and Jake's Myths

Red 2 Class

Greg, Ryan, and Nick's Myths

Jesse, Adrain, and Joe's Myths

Bridgette, Evelyn, and Ashley's Myths

Amanda, Angie, and Kristen's Myths

Katie, Jackie, Bruce, and Ronald's Myths

Shane, Lauren, and Derrick's Myths

Tom, Becky, and Leslie's Myths

Red 3 Class

Vanessa, Ashley, and Adam's Myths

Natasha, Krissy, and Tracy's Myths

Jeremy, Asher, and Shanon's Myths

Jordan, Angie, and Jeanette's Myths

Quinton and Tom's Myths

Freddie, Sam, and Jimmy's Myths

Nick, Ashton, and Laura's Myths

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