Spanish Alphabet History


By: Jason Baker


The history of the Spanish alphabet goes back to ancient Egypt. The Language that we call Latin was started in a small village in the Nile Valley.

A few hundred years later the language was carried up to Greece. Rome a city in central Italy was on a conquest and conquered Greece. After they did so some of the Roman soldiers might have learned Latin and and thought it to there canards.

Rome was a war city and went around Europe capturing different cities. As they did this they passed on the language as well.

Later on the people of Spain sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and since they spoke Spanish , they passed the language on to the people of the new world that they had discovered.

Today Latin is known as the dead language but is still spoken in Spanish and French. Spanish is known as the language of love and is a very popular language.

When you speak the Spanish alphabet all of the letters sound as they are pronounced. In Spanish an a sounds like a but in English an a can sound like a Spanish a or a really long a.

Today in Mexico people still speak Spanish. Some people have come from Mexico and have taught the Americans how to speak the language. Over time America is a mixed country with many languages but Spanish is still a very popular and is spoken all through the America.


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