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Teacher Created iAdventures
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Newest iAdventures!

(Spring 2013)
TED for Kids iAdventure (Gifted, Research Skills, 5th Grade and up)
Ace Reporters! Students on the News Beat (Communication Arts, 3rd - 5th Grades)
Endangered Species Awareness
(Science, 3rd - 5th Grades)

Project-Finish the Playground (Math, 3rd - 5th Grades)
Louis and Clark iAdventure (Social Studies, 3rd - 5th Grades)

(Summer 2012)
Create a Business (Business, 9th - 12th Grades)
Rescuing Warren - An Enchanted iAdventure (Science, 2nd - 3rd Grades)
Healthy Games iAdventure (Health, 3rd and 4th Grades)

Titanic: A Primary and Secondary Source iAdventure (Information Literacy, 7th - 12th Grades)
Nature Walk iAdventure (Health, 3rd and 4th Grades)

A Sweet iAdventure (Math, 4th Grade)
A Titanic Writing iAdventure (Communication Arts, 6th - 8th Grades)

Dewey Decimal Dilemma (Communication Arts, Information Literacy, 5th Grade)
Healthy Living (Health, PE, 6th - 8th Grades)
What Should We Purchase? (Personal Finance, 10th - 12th Grades)
Surviving the Storm (Social Studies, Communication Arts, 3rd - 4th Grades)
Tour of England (Social Studies, 4th Grade)
Famous Missourians (Social Studies, 4th Grade)
Route 66 iAdventure (Social Studies, Pop Culture, 9th - 12th Grades)
See How they Run (Social Studies, 5th Grade)

The Road to Success (College and Career Planning, 11th - 12th Grades)
Historical Fiction vs. Realistic Fiction (Communication Arts, 3rd - 4th Grades)
Ancient Civilizations iAdventure (Social Studies, 6th Grade)
Your Famous Family Future (Communication Arts and Social Studies, 5th - 6th Grades)

(Spring 2012)
2012 Presidential Election iAdventure (Social Studies, 10th - 12th Grades)
My Future in Healthcare (Health, Careers, 9th - 12 Grade, College)
Vacation! (Social Studies, Geography, 5th Grade)
Sammy Safety Dog (Communication Arts, 4th - 5th Grades)
Who Ratted Out the Franks? (Communication Arts, 6th - 8th Grades)
Nuclear Warfare? (Communication Arts, 6th - 8th Grades)
Lewis High - Going Green (Business Education, 10th - 12th Grades)
Landfill in Brownsville? (Comm Arts, Social Studies, Science, 6th Grades)
Chinese New Year (Social Studies, 9th - 12th Grades)

These iAdventures were created specifically for the students and curricula of the teachers who created them, but we hope that other teachers will find them useful as well.

Please email us and let us know if you find anything useful here, or if you have suggestions or questions!

Stan Smith

This program is designed and coordinated by:

Stan Smith
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