You've just been appointed the new curator for the Blue Springs Art Museum. 
Get ready to look at and select some awesome new art for the Museum's collection. 
 Make sure you  take the time to read your prompts and directions. Investigate all the websites that are available to help you make the best decision for the museum. These sites were chosen because they have very useful information to help you make decisions. At the end of your adventure you will have selected one new artwork for the museum. Before you begin this adventure make sure you have a pen or pencil. There is also a Research Guide for you to complete while you are investigating.

The Blue Springs Art Museum has just received a generous donation from Mr. and Mrs. Peabody of Blue Springs.  This donation is to be used to add a new piece of artwork to the Museum's collection. As the new curator of the museum it is your responsibility to research and find this artwork. 
Where do you begin though? 
First, begin by reviewing your responsibilities. What exactly does a museum curator do? Then determine what is already in the Museum's collection. The piece you select should fit into the current collection.
Click on the links below to find out how to start.
How to be an Art Museum Curator What's in the Museum's Collection?

Abstract or Realistic?

Mr. and Mrs. Peabody appreciate all styles of art. However, they asked that their donation be used to purchase an artwork that reflects their tastes. Mrs. Peabody prefers abstract art while Mr. Peabody  likes realistic art.  Given this information and considering the collection of the art museum, which style do you think is more fitting? Use the resources below to understand styles of art and to learn about abstract and realistic art. 

Web Resources

Movements and Styles in Art
Abstract Art
What is abstract art?
Understanding abstract art.
Realistic Art
What is realistic art?
Understanding realistic art

Click on the link below when you have made your choice.
Abstract Art
Realistic Art