Resources for Creating iAdventures

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The following links and resources are used in the various classes and workshops on Learning with iAdventures for teachers. If you are interested in creating your own iAdventures or promoting the iAdventure concept, feel free to use these resources and links.

Stan Smith
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Warrensburg R-VI Schools
Warrensburg, Missouri


What an iAdventure is NOT:

See the other Web-infused activity structures (Treasure Hunts, Online Simulations, Virtual Field Trips, WebQuests, etc.) at this Teaching with the Internet page.

What an iAdventure IS:

Introduction to iAdventures:

Stan Smith's Introduction to iAdventures Slide Show:
An HTML version of a 21-slide presentation about the parts of a iAdventure

iAdventure Examples - at the Warrensburg Schools Learning with iAdventures site

Helper Pages:
(providing assistance with constructing your iAdventure)

Web Page Structure of an iAdventure (Acrobat file or Word File)
This is a flowchart diagram that illustrates the layout, links, and content of the HTML files used in a typical iAdventure.

Blank Web Page Structure Chart (Acrobat file or Word File)
This is a blank version of the above flowchart diagram, so that you can fill it out in the first stages of planning your iAdventure.

An iAdventure Planning Guide (Acrobat file or Word File)
After you have planned the basic outline of your iAdventure using the flow chart above, then complete this 6-page guide. It is designed to help you plan all aspects of your iAdventure, from the initial idea to detailing the characters and story-line.

Download an iAdventure HTML Template
There are two versions of this template, one that is the longer iAdventure format, with three levels of research and decision-making, and a shorter version, with only two levels. After you have downloaded and expanded one of the templates, you will have a folder with an entire iAdventure HTML template, including links between pages, suggestions for content you can add, etc. Using this template GREATLY reduces the time it takes to create an iAdventure! These files are compressed, for faster downloading.

Full-sized iAdventure template
Zipped File
- 26K
Stuffed File - 27K
Short version iAdventure template
Zipped File
- 20K
Stuffed File - 21K

A Rubric for Evaluating iAdventures
Allows you to evaluate the quality of your iAdventure. Based upon a rubric for evaluating WebQuests at the WebQuest site.

Creating iAdventures with SeaMonkey Composer
A detailed tutorial for using Mozilla Composer (1.7x) and the available iAdventure templates to create your own iAdventures!

Fine Points
Describes 14 little things you can do to improve the aesthetics and professionalism of your iAdventure

Getting Images from the Web
A brief description of "copying" and "downloading" images from web sites

Web Sites for Free Digital Photos
Web Sites for Free Clipart Images
Sites for copyright-free digital images you can use on your own web pages


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