Activist A person who believes in or particiaptes in direct action to make changes in government or social conditions by campaigning in public or working for an organization.

Campaign A campaign is a series of organized activities over a period of time to reach a political or social goal or to elect a candidate.

Candidate A candidate is a person who is being considered for a position.  In this case, a political office. 

Citizenship Citizenship is the status given to a legal member of the country.  It involves rights, duties and privileges.

Congressman A congressman is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives or a state House of Representatives.

Conservative Traditionally, conservative means to favor things as they are and to be cautious.  To be conservative politically is to respect traditional institution and distrust government solutions to problems.

Elected officials Elected officials are people who work in the government because they won an election

Election An election is a vote of the people

Liberal Traditionally, the word liberal means to be open to new ideas and tolerant of others.  To be liberal politically, is to emphasize political and economic freedom.  They tend to favor gradual changes in society and promote government programs to solve problems. 

Platform A platform is the principles of a political party or cadidate.  It is what they say they will do if they are elected.

Political issue A Political issue is something that the government is discussing or considering taking action about.  Usually, political parties have different views about whether the issue is good or bad. 

Political party A political party is an organized group of people who share basic beliefs about how the country should be governed.

Politician A politician is a person who holds a political office.  They may or may not have been elected.

Politics Politics are the activities of government.

Register To register to vote is to get your name on the official voting list in your area.

Senator A Senator is a member of the U.S. senate or the state senate.  The senate is smaller than the House of Representatives, but slightly more important.

Vote To vote is to record your decision about a political issue or group of candidates.