You chose for Bill to go to Congress,
which is the national legislative branch.

"Our next step is helping me decide what type of bill
I am going to be.  There are two types of bills,
fiscal bills and non fiscal bills.
A fiscal bill is a bill that deals with financial matters.
A non fiscal bill is a bill that deals with
matters other than money."

Here are some web sites to help you research:                This web site is updated regularly, so you will have to follow some simple instructions.
                                                          1.  CLICK on Bill Text
                                                          2.  In the WORD/PHRASE box type education.
                                                        3.  Look at #39 H.R. 2884 IH
                                                          4.  You must also look up the WORD/PHRASE schools
                                                          5.  Look at #25 H.R. 3250 IH, #39 S 1020 IS, # 47 S 1181 IS
Please choose one of the following:
Fiscal Bill                                                                        Non fiscal Bill