"Hello my name is Bill.  I am hoping to become a law, and I need your help.
You will learn how I can become a law.  You will also learn how to write your
own bill and be able to present it to the class."


"There are many decisions that have to be made if I am going to become a law.
The first one, for you and me, is whether I am going to be a bill that goes to the
state legislative branch or the national legislative branch.
The state legislative branch is called the General Assembly.
The national legislative branch is called the Congress."

This is an important choice to help Bill make.
If you decide to make a state law, then it will only affect the people of Missouri.
If you decide to make a federal law, then it will affect everyone in the United States.
All choices you make for Bill will determine what path you want your bill to go through.

Here are some web sites to help you research this choice:
Please choose one of the following:
General Assembly                                                         Congress