Travel Back in Time



It all began on a sunny Saturday in September, the first full week of school

was over for Pat, a fourth grader at Thyme Elementary School. Pat was in

the park near his home playing catch with his best bud, Rover, a Yellow Labrador 

Retriever. Pat's good friend, Larry, gave him Rover as a birthday present

for Pat's eighth birthday.

Labrodor Puppy    Rover and Pat
Rover                                                                                            Rover and Pat

Pat and Rover have been inseparable ever since,

Pat has taught Rover to sit, stay, roll over, play dead, and fetch, which, being

even if his tongue was hanging out of his mouth! That is exactly what they

were doing in the park when out of the corner of his eye Pat saw a man just

appear out of, could it really be, nowhere? Was Pat loosing it? It was warm

out but not that warm even Rover sensed something was up because he stopped 

chasing after the ball.The man was tall and lanky with dark hair and beard his clothes

look a little strange, not Alice in Wonderland strange but something seemed a little 

different. And what is that in his hands? Pat said to himself. The man was looking a

 the device in his hands and then looked around at his surroundings looking a little

puzzled. In the meantime Rover caught up to his ball and ran over and dropped

it at the strangers feet. The stranger knelt down to pet Rover and picked up the

ball and through it, it bounced into the lake and Rover jumped in after it.
Rover in
Rover in the lake

Rover, dripping wet from his dip in the lake ran back to the stranger all the

while ignoring my calls for him to come. I cautiously approached as the stranger

patted Rover on the head, I called to Rover and he turned and looked at me

but did not leave the strangers side. I figured the stranger couldn't be dangerous

otherwise Rover would not have taken to him so quickly. The stranger spoke first

“Hello, I am Timothy” and he held out his hand for a handshake, I took it and introduced

myself. Timothy asked “Is this your dog, Rover is it? He sure loves to play catch!” “Pardon

me for asking but, where did you come from, it appeared you came out of nowhere?”

Timothy whispered “Can you keep a secret?” “Yes, sure” Pat said hesitantly.

“You see this device,” he held out the small contraption, about the size of cell phone,

Time Travel
              Device       Time travel
Time Traveling Device                                        Time Travel

“it allows me to travel through time” said Timothy. “Wow, so you could travel into next

week and I could see what is going to be on my science test next week?” asked

Pat. “You have to be extremely careful about going into the future you need to examine

the past and learn from it first. A wise man by the name of George Santayana said

'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' It means we

should look at events and mistakes of the past so we don't make them again” said Timothy.

“Where will the time travel device take us?” asked Pat. “It will take us back to an earlier

time but we will arrive in this same spot but as it was at that specific time and the

events that were occurring or happening at that time,” explained Timothy. “You need to

take a little time to decide which century you would like to go back to, the 20th

Century, which the 1800's or the 21st Century which is a little more recent the 1900's”

said Tim.

Look at the websites below and answer the questions in Guide # 1 before you, Pat, decide

which Century you would like to visit, the 20th or the 21st. Happy landing!

Guide #1

Missouri Timeline 1800-1820

Missouri Timeline 1820-1829

Missouri Timeline 1830-1849

Missouri Timeline 1850-1859

Missouri Timeline 1860-1869

Missouri Timeline 1870-1879

Missouri Timeline 1880-1899

Life in the 1800's

Missouri Timeline 1900-1929

Missouri Timeline 1930-1949

Missouri Timeline 1950-1990

Time Line Game

Now, that you have finished your research help Pat decide which century to visit.

Click on either the 20th Century (1800's) or the 21st Century (1900's) below.

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