You have decided to add an animal footprint catcher to the outdoor classroom! How exciting! It will be fun to see what animal prints you catch. Think about the animals that might live behind our school! We could see wild turkey, deer, rabbit, fox, skunk (P.U.!), raccoon, opossum, and bird tracks.
Your next task is to become an expert on the types of materials that can be used to make an animal footprint catcher. Yes, there is more than one way to build one!
You need to visit the sites below and read about footprint catchers. You need to become an expert on them! Complete the questions on the research guide. Make sure you do a VERY good job. The lists you make will be very important to building the project you decide on. If you leave out just one item it may cause a big problem when the project is built.


Now stop and look at the lists. Are there any items that weren't listed on the sites that you know you'll need? For example, if you are building something made of wood you know you'll need a hammer and nails. Take a moment to think about both projects.


It's time to make a decision! What material are you going to use to make the animal footprint catcher?

I choose to use mud!      I choose to use sand!