Native American Life on the Plains in the 1800's


Hello, and welcome to the 1800's!

You are about to go on an adventure on the the plains of North America to discover just what kind of life you would have led if you were born to a Plains Indian tribe in the 19th century. As you go through this iAdventure you will take on the persona of a young native american boy or girl and take a journey though a week in their mocassins with the help of the internet. As you progress through your journey you will write a journal about your experiences, family traditions and practices, the food you eat, and many more things! Please look at the informative links provided as you go along. These links will give you the knowledge you will need to become your character so that you can write a rich and exciting tale about your life as a plains indian! If you wish, you can even partner up and exchange journals to discover the different weeks the other children "experienced".

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