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Assignment IV
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Book Repair
Students will learn about techniques used to protect and repair books in the Library Media Center.  They will investigate resources in our collection, view a videotape and search for articles on the Internet.  Students will practice the skills they learn about by repairing and protecting the damaged books in our collection.


  1. Watch the video, “Techniques for Lasting Book Repair.”  Take notes and turn your notes in to the teacher regarding the types of repairs shown by the video and materials needed to complete the repair.
  2. Read the booklet, “Book Protection and Repair Guide.”  Look through the supplies in the workroom and make a list of the supplies we have that could be used for a book repair kit.
  3. Use your favorite search engine on the Internet to locate two “how to” articles about book repair.  Print both articles.
  4. Research how to tell when a book should be repaired and when it should be discarded.  Write a half page statement telling the process of how to make the decision.  Document your sources.
  5. Find five books in the LMC that need repaired, show the librarian what you will be fixing and complete the process.  Identify one book that should be discarded.  Defend your choice.

Scoring Guide:

_________ (5)  Video notes

_________ (15) Book repair kit supply list

_________ (10) Two “How To” articles about book repair

_________ (20) Paper:  When to discard a book (include sources)

                           ______ (10)  Reasons to discard listed in way that makes sense

                           ______ (5)  Sources included

                           ______ (5)   Spelling/grammar


                        _____ (10) Book 1:  Repair type _________________________________

                        _____ (10) Book 2:  Repair type _________________________________

                        _____ (10) Book 3:  Repair type _________________________________

                        _____ (10) Book 4:  Repair type _________________________________

                        _____ (10) Book 5:  Repair type _________________________________

_________ (15)  Defense of your choice of book to discard


_________ (135) TOTAL