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Assignment VI
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Read Poster

Assemble and take a picture of a school group (club, group of teachers, sports team) promoting the love of reading.  Use the picture to design an 8 x 12 sheet that will display “READ.”  This picture should be saved to the Library Practicum II folder and may be blown up poster size to be included as a visual on the library walls.

Scoring Guide:

15 pts.  _____  Appropriate subjects in picture (all members of the group are included)

20 pts.  _____ Creative background/backdrop used for picture (thinking outside the school grounds would be interesting!)
20 pts  _____  Subjects are posed to reflect the love of reading (all necessary props are
 included to display the love of reading)

15 pts. _____ Theme of picture is clear

10 pts. _____ Picture is cropped effectively for displaying in a poster (additional
                        background items not pertinent to the design are cropped)

10 pts. _____ Poster says “READ” and is saved to the appropriate school folder

10 pts. _____ Visual is creative and has likeability for WHS students