Unit One

Gateway Video

First Exam due date:
Sept. 16


Introduction to the LMC Unit
You must read the LMC Policies and Procedures prior to starting this unit.


  1. To familiarize the Practicum I Student with the Gateway Books
  2. To gain knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System and its Major Subject Areas
  3. To develop knowledge about the LMC and its procedures
  4. To gain information on using the OPAC, EBSCO databases, and eBooks

Gateway Assignments:

  1. Gateway Book Video Recommendation
  2. Dewey Decimal Classification Worksheets
  3. Assist with Freshmen Orientation and understand the components
  4. Become familiar with the LMC Webpage, OPAC, databases, and eBooks
  5. Demonstrate effective search strategies to assist library patrons

#1. Select a current MASL gateway book to read and then complete and edit a 2-3 minute video including the following elements:

Here is a site that has a storyboard handout:

For information on editing video using iMovie, here's a link. Download the document at the top of the page.


1. Gateway Video Scoring Guide                        Name ____________________________
                                                                             Block ____________________

Video Elements





  Storyboard Preliminary storyboard to organize thoughts and ideas. Due on Sept. 7th



graphic showing cover of book, title, author, source cited (or take an original picture of the cover)





Include a brief description of 2 main characters





Describe the setting of the book and include visuals and sounds in your imovie.





Sales pitch - why should anyone read this book? Be enthusiastic!




Backdrops for video

Backdrop for video is similar to one in book (highest marks for students who use creativity while filming. Film in exciting locations or use green screen techniques).



  Elements Elements contribute (do not detract) to the presentation's overall effectiveness.


Spelling & Grammar

Correct spelling & grammar throughout movie.




Saved to folder

Final .mov file is saved to the 11-12 LPI folder on the server to be used during Freshmen Orientation to the Library Media Center.





All sources are cited (book cover), actors in movie, etc. Credit is given.














2. Dewey Decimal Classification System  (DDCS)                                             
Locate the following website:
Click on the appropriate Dewey to begin the Library exercise on the Dewey Decimal Classification System.  Copy the following to a word document and complete. Please return to the appropriate place once completed.  (BE SPECIFIC!)

  1. When was the DDCS devised?  (1)  ________________
  2. What are the two parts of a call number?  (1)  __________________________________ and (1) ____________________________________
  3. What is the call number for butterflies?  (1) __________________________
  4. Exercise 1 – Which call number comes first?  (1)  _________________________
  5. What is a work mark (or work letter)?  ____________________________________________
  6. Exercise 2 – Which call number would be first? (1)   _____________________________
  7. What does the second cutter number represent in a biography’s call number?  (1)  __________________________________________________________________________
  8. What is the capital Z used for in a call number?  (1) __________________________________________________________________________
  9. Exercise 3:  Which call number would be first? (1) ___________________________________
  10. How are multiple copies shelved?  (1) ____________________________________________________________________________
  11. How are various editions of a book shelved?  (1) ____________________________________________________________________________
  12. What is the MTSU Library prefix for oversize books?  (1)  _______________ 
  13. What is the WHS Library prefix for oversize books?  (1)  _______________
  14. What is the WHS Library prefix for Reference books?  (1)  _______________

For the first exam, know the ten major classifications of the Dewey Decimal System, as well as all material presented during Freshmen Orientation.

Here's one site to study the 10 major classifications of the DDS

In addition, be able to demonstrate the order that books are to be placed on the shelf. Be able to answer any questions regarding Policies and Procedures of the LMC which is linked from the LPI webpage.

3. Destiny Searching- Searching for Books in the Library Media Center                                             
What does OPAC stand for?  ___________   __________  __________  __________

What is the title of the book with call number 956.94 Ar67?  ______________________________________________________________

Complete a power search to find a book on World War II that does not include “Japan”, or “Germany” in the subject field.


Find a book in the “Opposing Viewpoints” series that pertains to at risk teens.  What is its call number?


Use a power search to limit searching to only videos, then find a video on gargoyles. What is its call number?


4. Gale databases:

1.  Which database has “Gourmet” as one of its publications?


2.  Which database has “Consumer Reports” as one of its publications?


3.  Which database is designed for high school students?


4.  Which database consists of exclusively Spanish periodicals?


5.  Which database is exclusively devoted to education?


6.  Set up an account using Ebsco/Gale.  Verify that you can login to the same account using Academic Onefile.

7.  In order to be able to login to Ebsco/Gale databases at home, what is the authentication password?


8.  Using Academic Onefile, find an article printed within the past year on the topic of censorship. Print out the first page of the article, write your name at the top, then turn it it (along with the above questions) to the proper tray in the librarian's office.