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  Students will need to visit all links at the top of the page to become familiar with WHS Library Reference sources, Internet reference sources, subscription database reference sources, and search strategies.

Become familiar with WHS Library/Internet reference resources

Visit ALL links above and complete ALL items on the above links before attempting to do the following assignments:

The Library Practicum I student will complete a mind map to visually represent student general researching in the WHS library. 

Mind Map link

The mind map should include at least 40 elements (you pick the software you want to use - PowerPoint is effective) incorporating reference sources (both WHS print and online databases), and should be visually appealing.  Scoring Guide Link

The Library Practicum I student will compile a specialized reference annotated bibliography for a core content classroom teacher (student’s choice – typically your favorite subject) and share the bibliography by using a "Prezi". 

The following WHS course offerings or topics would make good selections:
Debate, Mythology, Health & Wellness, French, Spanish, Photography, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Web Design, Fashion Marketing, British Literature, American Literature, Foods and Nutrition, Drafting,  Composers, Physics, Biology, World History, American History, Sociology, Psychology, Architectural Structures & Design, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Career Paths.

MLA Annotated Bibliography Example link
This site describes an annotated bibliography. Scroll through the page to find the MLA link.

The specialized annotated bibliography should have at least 40 quality reference books and and/or websites with descriptionsfor student research purposes.  Scoring Guide Link

Both the annotated bibliography page and mind map should be saved to the Library Practicum I folder on the student drive by the due date.