Things to do:


1. Login to Safari Montage (ask if you don’t know how), view and take notes about the video on Genres. Your notes must be handwritten.

2. Use library resources to find the etymology of the word genre using an etymology dictionary that our library holds. List your source and define in your own words what “genre” means to you.

3. For the following genres, use the video notes and/or The Readers’ Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction (2nd edition) to define each genre and compare and contrast certain genres (Sci Fi vs. Fantasy, Horror vs. Mystery, Historical vs. Realistic Fiction)

*Science Fiction
*Historical Fiction
*Realistic Fiction
Save the compare/contrasts in the LPI folder).

4. Compile a list of five books that our library holds for each genre. You may not use an author more than once.

5. . After completing the list of books for each genre,  you will randomly be assigned a genre to read. 

6. . Using the Gale databases, find a scholarly article about the genre you selected.  Summarize the article and include a citation in MLA format. Give your opinion of the article in a final paragraph.

7. Select a book from our library to read and then compile a digital book review (PhotoStory, Movie,or ComicLife file)which will be saved to the LPI folder on the student drive.

Scoring Guide
As with any Honors’ course, correct spelling and grammar is expected.



Score and Comments:

Video Notes (10 points)

Hand written notes completely describe each genre.  (10 pts)
Hand written notes adequately describe each genre. (8 pts.)
Hand written notes are lacking regarding the details of each genre (6 pts.)
Hand written notes have certain genres left out and are missing descriptions (4 pts.)


Etymology of genre (5 pts)

Etymology of genre is given and source is from an adequate reference using the LMC resources. (5 pts.)
Etymology is given, but source is not a quality reference source from our LMC resources (3 pts).
Etymology is given, but source is not cited (1 pt.)


Personal definition of genre ( 3 pts)

Definition has personal meaning and encompasses all forms of genre (3 pts).
Definition is vague or not all encompassing. (1 pt).


Defining each genre (5 pts each).  Compare/contrast certain genres (5 pts each group for a total of 50 points)

Definition of each genre is succinctly written .  Shows in-depth knowledge of each genre.  Compare/Contrast of certain genre groups are succinctly written and show in-dept knowledge of their similarities and differences.  (5 pts each).
Definitions show adequate, but not thorough, knowledge of each genre.  Compare/contrast is adequate, but not thoroughly explained (3 pts.)
Definitions lack concise information and are not thoroughly compared. (1 pt.)


List of books our LMC holds for each genre (1 pt each for 35 pts.)

Each title fits meaningfully under the genre and author's name is given. (Your list should not be the same as another student in the Library Practicum program). You may not use an author more than once.


Gale article of genre selected. Total of 27 pts.

The article selected is from a scholarly journal from a Gale database on the genre selected. (3 pts.) The article chosen gives the student an added dimension to the background of genres.  (4 pts.) The student summarizes the article adequately (10 pts) and has cited the article at the top of the page using MLA citation. (5 pts.) A paragraph indicating the students opinion of the article is stated at the end of the page. (5 pts)


Digital Book Review. Total of 60 pts.

Digital Book Review (using one of the above programs)has the following elements:
Title/author of book – 2 pts.
Description of book (but don’t give away the ending) – 10 pts.
Your favorite part of the book (or how you connect to the story) – 10 pts
Your recommendation (Who would like to read this book?) – 10 pts
Length is between 45 seconds to 1 min. – 10 pts.
Creativity – 15 pts.  (Elements are creative, not just one student reading/typing the above criteria. 
Visuals - A variety of pictures/video are incorporated. (10 pts.)
Saved to the LPI folder – 3 pts.




 190 pts.