History of Missouri Lead and Iron Deposits

by Kalie Zumalt


So you want to know the the History of Missouri iron and lead deposits? Well, I've got it.



Early French explores found the lead deposits in 1701 near what is now known as Madison County and the famous Mine La Motte was opened in 1720. Lead was also later found in the city limits of Joplin in 1948. Mining began in 1850 in Granby, and Missouri has been a leading producer ever since.



The most important source of iron ore in Missouri is, and has been, the Precambrian core area of Ozark Uplift in Iron County. This area, by theway, has been producing iron ore since 1815. Iron contains magnetite and other iron-rich minerals that were crystallized as the original magma cooled. The mine reached production peak in 1887 at 123,700 tons.


By Kalie Zumalt



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