By Ryan Monroe

A middle school teacher in Minnesota and her students were taking a hike and they found some deformed frogs. They reported the deformed frogs to the Environmental Protection Agency. Most deformed frogs have more or no hind legs or are missing an eye.

More people have found deformed frogs in Minnesota ponds. Minnesota residents are afraid that it is water pollution that is deforming the frogs. In October 1996, the EPA had a meeting to discuss the frogs. David Hoppe, a herpetoligst, attended. I read in a Time for Kids magazine that a girl wrote and told them what she thought about the frog problem in Minnesota. Here is what she said:



"Dear TFK,

I was fascinated by your article 'MINNESOTA MUTANT FROGS'

[10/25]. Hopefully the deformality of these frogs is not caused by

water pollution. If it is, may affect humans too. I hope scientist can

figure this out!!!!

Katharine Mooney, Massachusetts''




Well I hope you learned something.