By Jamie and Jackie


The Bahamas are located below the United States in the Caribbean Sea. It's 60 miles off the coast of southern Florida. There are about 700 islands and keys, but only 22 of them are inhabited. Most of the area is flat; the highest point is 206 feet. It stretches 750 miles and has 2,400 rock formations.

The Bahamas have 2,000 cays, islets, and rocks. The Bahamas also have many swamps, lakes, ponds, and coral reefs.

The capitol of the Bahamas is Nassau. The main islands in the Bahamas are the Andros, New Providence, Grand Bahamas, Eleuthera, Great Abaco, and Great Inagua. Nassau is located in New Providence, a small island containing half of the Bahama's population.

The Bahamas have a semi-tropical climate. Winter is November - May and its average winter temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The average summer temperature is 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy season is in May, June, September, and October. The total rainfall during this time is 30-60 inches.

The vegetation on the Bahamas consist of low scrub, logwood, mahogany, and lignum vitae. They grow n bannanas, citrus fruits, cucumbers, pineapples, and tomatoes. They also produce other food products, cement, petroleum products, and rum. The animal life on the Bahamas have animals such as flamingos, pelicans, sea birds, sailfish, barracuda, kingfish, turtles, shells, and sponges. Agriculture does not play a huge role in the Bahamas.

Some activities that are enjoyed on the island are sport fishing, snorkeling, skin diving, water skiing. and yachting.

The reason that we chose to do our investigation on the Bahamas is because it has a very warm climate all year long, and also a place where we would like to go some day. Our investigation is to help us learn about the Bahamas, and how water effects the shape of the land. We will use EarthKam pictures from past flights and newly taken pictures this year to compare the changes.

Facts About the Bahamas


- The Bahamas serve as an oil transshipment point for the US.

- The principle trade partners are the US, UK, and Canada.

- The Bahamas have two major ports and two major airfields.

- There are no railroads.

- There are 4,100 km of roads.

- The Bahamian dollar is equal to the US dollar.

- The total population is 255,095.

- English is the official language.

- 1.9 million people visited the Bahamas in 1980.